Noreve: a touch of glamour for our mobiles and tablets!

Which leather iPhone case will you choose?

If you are a fan of discreet elegance, there’s no doubt that the leather covers and other protective cases for mobile telephones and tablets handcrafted by Noreve in Saint Tropez since 2003 will be very much to your taste! Not only are they very well designed, but Noreve offers a range of different versions to fit most of the mobile phones on the market (and that’s saying something!) Depending on your requirements and your lifestyle, you may have certain preferences – a top or side clasp opening, a simple protective rear shell, a pocket with storage space for credit cards etc. For instance, you can fit two credit cards or business cards into the wallet-style side clasp opening Nokia Lumia 735 case (, which also boasts a foldable leather stand allowing you to place it on a table at an angle, for easier viewing.

Which leather iPhone case will you choose?

Alt: Which leather iPhone case will you choose?

Personalized glamour

Moreover, all of these protective features are made out of superb quality leather in a range of different finishes (around fifteen different finishes for most models of device) and colours (usually around a dozen colours are available). These leather cases are so glamorous that – given that like attracts like (think Porsche and the iPad in recent times) – prestigious brands regularly purchase Noreve products!