Give drab footwear and clothes the boot with Modatoi!

Looking desperately for a selection of ladies’ shoe models? Modatoi’s internet site has a bigger choice than you could possibly have dreamt of.
Some trends really grab you and shake you about, and this year’s platforms are a little in this vein. No less outrageous in some ways than the original models, today’s versions make their fashion statements in a slightly different way. Instead of height being the be-all and end-all, the main interest lies in experimenting with different shapes. We’re a far cry from Bowie-style platforms here, this is something altogether more subtle. No less cutting-edge are some of the women’s boots on offer. Wonderfully cheerful shades of scarlet, mauve, hot pink and yellow are very much the order of the day. There’s also plenty of evidence to show that an old favourite – animal print designs – is definitely back, especially of the leopard and zebra skin variety.
What’s more, now half boot heaven is just waiting for you.
Half boots may be small, but they’ve definitely got big personalities! Bold and lively would be the best words to describe this season’s offerings – there aren’t many other things you can say when talking about fluorescent lime-green lace-ups!